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What Does This Make Possible?

The two verses of Scripture in the image today are often quoted. I believe they are both true! But I must quite honestly say…

This one I find easy to believe: 

For nothing will be impossible with God.   Luke 1:37 ESV

The second one I tend to believe in a limited way, depending on the day: 

For I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength.   Philippians 4:13 ESV

How about you? Do you believe them both equally or tend to believe the bit about us being able to do ALL things through Christ to be more or less true depending on your level of energy and vitality? 

This week on Weds. Oct.  21st I had surgery to repair a badly torn labrum on my hip and a torn tendon just below the hip. The first 3 days were unbelievably painful. Yesterday I slept for 12 hours. Today is the first day I have had any energy at all! 

I thought about these 2 Scriptures today, believing that God is making the impossible possible for me – that is living free of chronic pain! I fully believe that He is in the process of making this possibility a reality. He brought the right doctor and teams of healthcare professionals together to make something possible that wouldn’t happen without them. 

Those gifted and trained people are aware of their human limitations. They know that any number of things can go wrong. They do what they do with the hope that their efforts will result in a new reality for me.  I have that same hope, plus faith in God who can do the impossible!

Now where’s my part. Do I believe that I can do ALL things through Christ with regard to my part of this healing? 

We do have a part to play! God could just do it all Himself, but He invited us into the process to make us more like Him as we do our part to see His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. 

The question I’m asking myself in my current set of circumstances is: What does this make possible?

When I ask that question, lots of possibilities bubble up! But first, my list of current limitations: I have to sit a lot, do lots of physical therapy, use a walker, let others help with normal responsibilities, can’t drive, must take pain meds for a short while, I can’t move beyond the boundaries the doctors have set for me, and more.

Here are the possibilities that bubble up: I can write more, I can read more, I can catch up with people, I can listen to recordings, I can do more coaching, more meeting with people on Zoom or occasionally in person, I can set limits on social media usage and TV watching,  I can pray and study the Bible more, journal more, I can order grocery pickups, I can enjoy the little things, I can find the extraordinary in the ordinary – you know what, I actually DO believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! 

When I ask the question “What does this make possible?” it puts limitations in a positive light. Instead of thinking “I can’t” I start to think of the things “I can.”

So I’m turning to you with this question:

What do your current limitations make possible for you? 

I’d love to hear the possibilities that bubble up for you! 

Believing with you, 


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