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Dear friends,

This spring I made a new friend named Judy Herman, she is a kindred spirit! We are both new authors and we connected through Morgan James Publishing. She is a therapist and I’m a coach. Both of us desire most to honor God with our lives.

We soon discovered we had the same theme pumping in our hearts. It has to do with the DANCE of Relationships! My book is about the dance of relationship with Jesus that effects everything in your life. Her book is learning how to dance in the messy relationships with the people you care about.

Now both of our books have been nominated for an Author Academy Award! We would love it if you would take a moment and vote for us here: www.authoracademyawards.com/vote2019/ You can also use the QR code in our photo. 

Judy’s book is called “Beyond Messy Relationships: Divine Invitations to Your Authentic Self”, and is on page 9.
My book is on page 11 and is called “The Divine Invitation: Entering the Dance of Becoming Fully Alive.” 
Just click on our book covers pictured in our photo and your vote will be registered. Today is the last day to vote – Aug. 22 it ends!
Thanks SO much if you are able to take the time to do this!

You never know who you might meet that will become a good friend as you follow God’s path for your life❤️