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True Colors

This week as I was noticing the change of colors with the change of seasons, the Lord whispered these word to me:

“This fall is a season for the revealing of true colors. In spring and summer all the leaves are green and you don’t see which tree is which. When autumn comes the leaves change and the true colors of that tree are revealed. So I will allow true colors to be seen in various ways in what’s going on in this world, with individual people, groups and organizations. Keep your eyes open for what I will reveal.”

I’d have to say that this was an encouraging and a sobering word. I’m taking it to heart and praying fervently to have eyes to see. I’m also asking for what actions the Lord would have me take when I see those true colors.

Today I went to Topeka, KS, the capitol of the great state I live in. I met up with a group of Christians to pray for God’s kingdom to come and his will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. (Luke 11:2-4) As we walked around the grounds and observed the historical monuments, the true colors of God’s kingdom showing up on earth were coming through. We gave thanks for all the good that has been done here. We declared the Scriptures over our state and prayed for MORE good to be done!

This week my husband and I watched a movie called The Social Dilemma. Have you seen it yet? This is a prime example of true colors being revealed! It is a big reveal of the forces behind many of the internet and social media platforms we use daily. There is damage being done to our society by the lack of a moral compass in what has been created.

We can use the social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. but be committed to limited time on them. We’ve got to use self-control in the way we allow ourselves and our loved ones to use them so we are not manipulated and abused by them.

A guy named Kary Oberbrunner, the leader of the organization I wrote my book with, has written a book called Unhackable. It comes out on October 24. It’s all about this subject. One of the quotes from it is: “Anything can be hacked. Even the truth.

I want to take action. I’m thinking I will host a watch party for The Social Dilemma. I’m thinking of doing it at 7:00 pm Central on Monday October 20 or Monday November 2nd. Would you like to do this with me? If so please respond with which day works best for you and I will get the rights to show it as a Facebook Watch Party. We can have a discussion afterward.

I’m also going to take action by becoming an Unhackable Coach. It will be a new group coaching offering using the book Unhackable and the course to go with it. More on that to come.

I’m praying for discernment, to be able to see what’s what and take appropriate action. I’m praying for you too, that true colors will be revealed for all to see.

In His grace,



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