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The Subject of Maturity

As I sit down to write today I’m thinking about the subject of maturity.

Does it always come with age? Is it different with every stage of life? What is it really?

I have come to understand that maturity is about having the character to be able to master certain relational skills that benefit others.

Also I have come to believe that the words ‘fully alive’ mean fully mature!

Each stage of life has a certain set of relational skills that require virtuous character to master.

Today I want to share with you an assessment created by Life Model Works, a wonderful organization that my husband now leads.

You can download or save this assessment below. Print it out and complete it to see where you might have areas that need some growth. This document has more content than the assessment so you can just print out the first 4 pages.

I hope you enjoy this!

If you’d like to learn more about growth in the character needed to master these relational skills, check out my book The Divine Invitation: Entering the Dance of Becoming Fully Alive here.  It’s available in all formats, including audiobook and has a study guide in the back of the book. For free study guides to use for group study, click here .

Your partner in progress,