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The Secret to Giving in Uncertain Times

Dear friends,

Can you identify with feeling that no matter how much you give to someone or to a cause you believe in, it will never be enough?

I’m not just talking about money, I’m thinking about giving of yourself, your time, your efforts, your resources of any kind.

I confess that sometimes I don’t give the little bit I could because I feel it will just be like a drop in a bucket that doesn’t make much difference.

In these uncertain times, it would be easy to just stop giving to conserve resources “just in case” out of insecurity.

There is a secret I’ve learned that has changed the way I see this. By extension, it has also changed my actions.

The secret to giving is found in the parable of the loaves and fishes. Take a look at Mark 6:30-44

Jesus was on a hill speaking to 5,000 spiritually hungry people, and suddenly it was lunchtime. They were now all physically hungry! What did he do?

He asked the disciples to give them something to eat. Bewildered, they looked around and found 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, far too little to make a dent in this gigantic need.

Jesus just said, “Have the people sit down in groups of 100’s and 50’s.” Then he looked up to heaven, spoke a blessing, broke the bread and the miracle began – the food just kept multiplying, both the bread and the fish!

Before you know it, everyone had eaten lunch and there were leftovers – 12 baskets full!

I’ve realized by now that all any of us will ever have in this life is a few loaves and couple of fish. Some of us have more, some of us have less, but always just a little compared to the magnitude of human need.

What would have happened if those who had the loaves and fish didn’t offer them?

No one would have had lunch!

The secret to giving is to give what you have trusting that God will MULTIPLY what you give beyond your wildest imagination!

I’ll leave you with that – let it percolate in your mind and heart.

I’m offering these thoughts as my loaves and fishes to you today!