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Sustainable Change for a Sustainable Life


There’s a lot of talk these days about “sustainability” particularly in regards to environmental issues. It occurs to me that there’s a similar dynamic in a person’s life – there are important conditions to cultivate in our lives which make them “sustainable”. Here’s one description for sustainability I found online: “Sustainability strives to balance our environmental, economic and social goals to produce more resilient systems that will endure into the future.” In other words, if we want to have a really good quality of life that endures for a long time, even down into the generations that come after us, we want to look at balancing all areas of life, making sure each area has the quality we want it to have and that all areas have an equally good quality of life – the whole is the sum total of the parts!

When one area of life suffers, it effects the other areas as well, for example – if a person is going through marital troubles, it takes a toll on their work, their children, their physical health, their social life, etc. To use a financial analogy, if these areas have been well cultivated and have built up “equity”, when “withdrawals” are made they will still have reserves in them. If these areas are not well cared for, i.e. enough “deposits” haven’t been made, then those “accounts” can be depleted or “overdrawn”, resulting in damage that could have been prevented.

The phrase “sustainable change for a sustainable life” has been rolling around in my head a lot lately. Making changes that actually last long-term is the key to gaining and maintaining a “sustainable life”. There are several factors that add up to what I’d call “sustainable change” – intentionality, accountability, follow-though actions, extinguishing limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering beliefs, relational connectedness to God and people – are a few of the factors that help a person make and sustain change. I see miracles on a regular basis as a life coach with the people I am privileged to work with. Consider where you are today – do you have a “sustainable life”? What changes would you like to make to gain that kind of life? If you want to “go for it”, I’d be delighted to work with you!