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Meet the Coach Michael Sullivant

My clients are transformed into expressions of their true selves by more deeply experiencing God’s loving presence and by developing spiritual, relational, and emotional maturity.

I am pleased to offer personal coaching to people over Zoom and in person when possible. I have been a pastor, teacher, speaker, author, and coach for a number of decades. My coaching is centered in helping people connect experientially with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and the kingdom of God that surrounds us. I also help my clients navigate their personal relationships with others and to accomplish their work in robust rhythms of joy and peace.

I help my clients discern the reasons and ways they may have gotten stuck in their development in love, peace, joy, hope, trust, secure identity, emotional regulation, and resiliency. I offer them practical proven applications to surmount these barriers to their growth. I hand them tools that last a lifetime. I work with folks from the “inside/out”. I help people experience a new way of being by being delighted in by God and radiated with his lovingkindness at their core. This naturally leads to them to form a new style of relating by becoming a more delightful and radiant person. This then leads to a new approach to their doing and their work as they take delight in their divine assignments and become radio-active in our Father’s world. I help my clients usher the presence and wisdom of Christ into their spheres of influence.

Individual Coaching – $200/hour (A package of 6 sessions for $1000)

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