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DO – Make Your Plan, Work Your Plan

Determination to Arrive at Your Destination

After the Discovery and Dreaming aspects of coaching, we arrive at the Doing part.

If you start with this and skip Discovery, you end up missing the identity and purpose, or calling of your life.  You just do things that seem good to do, but aren’t necessarily the real you. Often you end up in a performance trap, gaining your sense of identity and purpose from what you do rather than who you ARE.

If you skip Dreaming, you end up doing what seems good but ends up being what I would call uninspired action.  A great example of this is New Year’s resolutions.  Everyone feels like they should make a list of goals at the beginning of every year. The key word here is should. This implies obligations that don’t harness the power of our calling and our dreams, which are the real fuel and motivation for inspired action.

But when you do the work of discovering your calling and your allowing your dreams to emerge into possibilities, then you will have the motivation to DO WHAT IS NEEDED to make those possibilities realities. It is the power of INTENTIONAL ACTION that will help you make your plan and work your plan!