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Let God Arise in 2024!

Dear friends,

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday, wherever you are. We had our in-town family here on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so much fun to celebrate together!

As the year ends, we always take time to reflect on the year with gratitude. This year I (Terri)  had a successful STEM Cell transplant in my right hip to repair deteriorated tendons. So thankful that I don’t have to even think about navigating stairs or carrying grandchildren anymore!

We are also so thankful for the healthy growth we are seeing in our kids and grandkids – so proud of the people they have become and are becoming.

We’re thankful for daily devotions together each morning, and the peace and joy that cultivates in our daily lives. We start each day with several minutes of sharing our gratitudes as we have our coffee and then doing the Lectio 365 app together. Even on hard days there are so many things to be grateful for!

In our church, New Hope Community, we see signs of maturity and growth everywhere. Just this month we were able to ordain Steve and Kathy Ward as a confirmation of the pastoral ministry we see them doing. They are amazing, mature, loving, godly people with whom we are proud to be friends and co-laborers. Thanks to Tim and Janet Johns and Jesus Tribes for making this possible.

We are so grateful for Life Model Works, the ministry Michael serves as the Director of Relational Networks. We have learned much wisdom from this organization and are continuing to partner with them in helping to ignite a “joy-filled movement, growing a fearless people who love like Jesus!”

We are especially excited about a new devotional app we are creating in partnership with Life Model Works which will be coming out in 2024! It will have written text, audio, original music, and crafted prayers for Adoring God 6 days a week, with a feature for you to create your own adoration prayer on the 7th day each week. You can see a sample of it here. We want it to be professional and that will take financial resources. You can make a donation here if you’d like to help with that.

What would your list of gratitudes for 2023 be?

Fully Alive Coaching is now a part of Radius Ministries, our non-profit ministry organization. Most of what I do now as a coach has to do with spiritual growth so it seemed right to make that shift. Michael also does quite a bit of coaching. As we move into the next season of our lives, we plan to add retreat ministry to what we already do in Radius, and coaching will be a perfect follow up to those retreats.

Each year we ask the Lord for a word for the coming year. This year, for 2024, He said:

“…and now, I will ACT!”

 There are many things we’ve being hoping and believing for that require Him to act – this fills us with a sense of expectation for this new year.

The Scripture verse for this year is from Isaiah 33:10:

  • ”Now I will arise,” says the Lord, “now I will lift myself up; now I will be exalted.” Is.33:10 ESV


We are praying this Scripture from Psalm 68 as our prayer for the year 2024:

  • May God arise, may his enemies be scattered; may his foes flee before him.
  • May you blow them away like smoke—as wax melts before the fire, may the wicked perish before God.
  • But may the righteous be glad, and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful.
  • Sing to God, sing in praise of his name, extol him who rides on the clouds; rejoice before him—his name is the Lord.

       Psalm 68:1-4 NIV

 As you look forward to 2024, what are you hoping and believing for, in what ways are you asking the Lord to ACT on your behalf? We join with you in praying and believing for God to arise, scatter His enemies and make way for His purposes to unfold in your lives. 

If you’d like a coach to walk with you in 2024, check out our website for our coaching options here:

Through our ministry Radius we seek to bring Biblical, Holy Spirit guided, relationally healthy teaching, encouragement, revelation, spiritual formation, and well-rounded spirituality to people’s lives. If you’d like to help us do that, you can donate here:

We are now officially in our “golden years” and we believe we have the best stuff of our lives to offer others like you. Pray that the Lord will give us the best ways we’ve ever found to offer that far and wide.

Grace and peace to you all,

Michael and Terri Sullivant

Founders of Radius Ministries, Fully Alive Coaching and New Hope Community