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Jesus said, “Tend my sheep.”

Dear friends,

This week I received an email from a friend talking about the greatest need we face as followers of Jesus. He said it with one word: Discipleship.

The way many churches have functioned for years is with lots of emphasis on teaching and preaching, not enough on doing the work of “tending” the sheep. This entails discipling people by building relationship and walking with them through a process of transformation in partnership with God himself.

The Great Shepherd is all about this. He walked literally with His disciples, listening to them, asking them probing questions, discerning their needs, weaknesses and strengths. He taught them verbally and by example. He forgave them and patiently moved them forward in maturity. Then he left them with the Holy Spirit who would give them all they needed in his physical absence to accomplish their God-given purpose in life.

Jesus said in his conversation with Peter in John 21:16 “Simon, son of John, do you love me?’ He said to Him, “Yes Lord; you know that I love you.” He said to him, “Tend my sheep.”

Our lives have been drastically changed by our circumstances this year, but this need for making disciples never changes. How we do that, does have to change in some ways.

In-person relationships are essential. But when our in-person meet-ups are limited, we can do things on Zoom and other video platforms that will provide a great deal of benefit. We can still look at each other in the eyes and pick up non-verbal communication on these platforms.

I’m excited to offer a new discipleship course and coaching for women beginning this fall! The Course is called The Divine Invitation Course: 10 Steps to Enter the Dance of Becoming Fully Alive and it is meant to be done with groups of people, although you can get a lot out of it on your own. It is a companion to my book The Divine Invitation. I’m also excited to offer it with coaching which will be the maximum discipleship experience! You can read all about it here by clicking the button below.

I would love to partner with you in the process of growing and maturing in in all areas of life. If any of these options you’ve just checked out will work for you, I hope you’ll go for it!

My newest offerings are for women, but I’ve been coaching for a long time with both men and women. There are several options to choose from, and I always make sure that God is at the center of everything I do. You can check those out here:

When we run into a roadblock, we can find another route to get to our destination. Covid-19 is a roadblock, but God always has other ways to accomplish his mission to make disciples of all nations. Let’s find the way together!

Many blessings,