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Is it time to begin?

Dear friends,

Sometimes you sense the winds of change are blowing. You’re outgrowing something, or bored with something, or a season has changed but you don’t know what’s next. You just know it’s coming.

The truth is that we can always count on the fact that things will change! We may not have chosen these changes, but there’s one thing we do have a choice about.


As I was journaling one day this phrase came to me,

Change is inevitable, progress is optional. You choose!

Even the hard things that happen in our lives can be an opportunity for progress. Like a workout strengthens your body, adversity can strengthen your soul. These things can even direct you in a new path.

I became a coach on the heels of the greatest time of adversity in my whole life. My husband and I started a new ministry. Lots of new things came out of that season.

We are creatures of comfort. We tend to get into ruts, and the disruptions to those comfort zones are actually gifts to us.

What’s going on in your life now? When the winds of change are blowing your way, will you flow with them and discover the gifts they might bring you?

A new lease on life may be awaiting you. The best advice I can give you?