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Is it Hard for You to Rest?

Dear friends,

Many of you know the Biblical story of creation in Genesis.

In the midst of all the doing, God demonstrates a very fundamental concept: BEING. He rested, and just WAS on the 7th day.

It can be hard to “just BE”. If you try to take a time of rest, your mind can start racing, you can start fidgeting because of your normal “go and do” orientation, or just a general discomfort with being still.  

The best way I’ve found to enter into rest is a prayerful practice called Interactive Gratitude. 

Step 1 – take a few deep breaths and think of something you are grateful for, offer your gratitude to God. Stay in it about 2 minutes, don’t rush, notice how your body is responding to this, savor the moments of feeling and expressing thanks.

Step 2 – Prayerfully ask God how He responds to what you’ve just said. Open your heart and listen for any impressions, pictures, words, Scriptures – whatever comes. When God responds to us the prayer has become a dialogue, and it causes us to become aware that God is with us. That brings peace. 

Making this practice a habit will help you live in an attitude of gratitude. It’s a doorway to living in rest. 

Rest is a weapon give to us by God. The enemy hates it because he wants us stressed and occupied! 

Praying for you to be free to “just BE” when you can put your feet up for a while. 

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