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How do you know your calling?

This is my first chance to connect with you in 2019. I hope your holidays were wonderful and that you are enjoying the year so far.

We’ve had lots of snow in Kansas City this winter so I’ve been staying inside by the fire as much as possible.

There’s something about staring into a fire that prompts deeper reflection. Here’s where that reflection led me:

  • I took the time to read an good book cover to cover in one sitting.
  • I looked back at my Personal Mission Statement and reflected on that.
  • I did my goal-setting worksheet, using the one provided by Dan Miller.
  • I created a vision board based on my goals and personal mission using Pinterest.

It was a great process! After all that I felt prepared to enter this year with clarity.

Do you believe that you know your calling? What is a ‘calling’ anyway?

When I say calling, I mean your true identity and purpose – who you are and why you are here. Those two things are two sides of the same coin.

Many people have never taken the time to define their calling. That’s why I think it’s super important to be intentional about doing so!

What it does for you is similar to having an accurate compass or GPS. It gives you a clear read on where you are and accurate direction for getting where you need to go in life. I believe it’s a huge key for living life fully alive!

When you take the time to explore and define this thing called “calling”, you will be miles ahead of where you would be if you just let the winds and waves of life take you wherever they will.

It really helps to have a companion on the journey of discovering your calling. If I could have the honor of being that person, I would be delighted! Check out the options for coaching with me here.

If you would like to do some self-exploration, I’d be happy to send you the Personal Mission Statement worksheet and the Goal Setting worksheet to use on your own. Just email me back and I’ll send those to you.

I’ll be back in touch next week. Until then…

Live Life Fully Alive!

Blessings – Terri