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Honoring Mom Today

As I write this today my Mama has just chosen to do hospice. She is at the end of her race and is at peace and ready to go be with the Lord. We don’t know the day and time of her home-going but He does.

Michael and I got the opportunity to go be with her the week before Christmas. I really wanted to be with her this Christmas because it was becoming apparent that it would be her last. SO glad I did.

The day after I came home, she had to go into the hospital once again and that’s when she decided she really wanted to just be free to choose the way she would leave this world. She chose hospice.

I felt inspired to write a poem to honor her and I read it to her on the phone when she was lucid enough to hear it. So often we say these words to honor someone we love after they are gone. I wanted to be sure to tell her now, BEFORE that time. I’m sharing the poem today in her honor, while she’s still here with us for a little while yet. She is a wonderful person and I want to tell you about her now.


  • A poem for Mom – 12/29/2021

As I think of my mom, her place in my life

I realize that none could ever suffice,

No one could ever take her place,

The gift of her love, her gracious embrace.

As a baby once in her womb protected,

For life as her child now and always connected;

A place in my heart, kept only for mother,

Will always be hers, not for another.

I will always remember her kind eyes,

Her comforting touch, how she helped me to try,

To learn and grow, overcome and succeed,

Sacrificing to provide for my needs.

Contentment and peace she always carried

Though demands were many, she was not harried.

The calm in a storm, her peace of mind;

Her quiet strength, so rare to find.

As the ground under my feet, a sure place to stand

She was always there, to steward the land

Along with my father, as his faithful wife,

They gave us a worthy and wholesome life.

How grateful I am, fortunate and blessed

To have a mom who gave her best

For me, my family, her friends and the farm,

Helped us all find our way, to be safe from harm.

Dear Mom, when the light of this life grows dim,

I know you are going to be with Him,

Jesus awaits you with arms open wide,

Eager to have you by His side.

You, my mama, I will never forget,

For generations to come, for those not yet;

Will hear of your goodness, kindness and grace,

How you finished well in your race.

And for me, you will forever be


With all my love, Terri