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Happy Valentines Day to My One and Only!

I wanted to share a photo of me and my Valentine with you today…

…his name is Michael and we have been Valentines for 43 years now❤️

If you are in the mood to have a little fun, do this with your Valentine (spouse, significant other, friend, pet (well maybe not), or whoever!) and fill in the blanks like this to make a Valentine Mad Lib. We used to do this with our kids growing up and now some of them are doing it with their kids. Ask your valentine or friend without letting them see the story here. Just ask for the name, noun, adjective, adverb, etc. and have them pick a random answer. You fill in the blank and read it back to them. If you feel like it, share some of the fun things you come up with (or not!)

My Valentine’s Day Mad Lib

Happy Valentine’s Day to _(your Valentine’s name)___________, my one and only _(noun)__________. Today I wish you all the __(noun)__________ and __(noun)__________ in the world! You are my __(adverb)__(adjective)_________ __(noun)__________ and I will always ___(verb)_____________ you!

In all sincerity, you ___(verb)__________ my life and I love you with all my ___(noun)_________!

However you spend this day, have fun and enjoy yourselves with those you love!

Thinking of you with love today! ❤️