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Do you feel your life was meant for more?

Dear friends,

As the end of 2019, beginning of 2020 draws near, how do you feel about your life?

What kind of a year has 2019 been for you? For some it’s been great, others really tough.

What about 2020? How do you plan to take a step up in your maturity, in living out your God-given calling? Do you feel you know your calling and how to continue to grow and develop it?

I’d love to hear your story. And tell you some of my own. You see, I believe that all circumstances offer us opportunities, often especially the hard ones.

I became a coach at the most difficult, disorienting and debilitating time in my life. I went on a journey to understanding more profoundly who I am, why I’m here and how I want to live my life every year more and more aligned with those 2 things.

I’m offering some specials on my coaching packages for the rest of December and in January. Click here to check them out.

It would be my pleasure to hear your story and be a part of maximizing the opportunities in your life. It would be a privilege to be a part of an upgrade in your life in 2020.

If you’d like to connect, click here and let me know. We can set up a time for a Zoom call or if you’re in town, meet up for coffee.

Your life really is meant for more! Let’s find out what that means.