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Can a leopard change its’ spots?

Several nights in a row I was dreaming and distinctly remembered a particular question when I woke up. The question was, “Can a leopard change its’ spots?”

I was puzzled by this. I remembered that this was a quote from the Old Testament somewhere so I looked it up. It’s in Jeremiah 13:23 – I’ll quote it here in the Good News Translation Bible:

“Can people change the color of their skin, or a leopard remove its spots? If they could then you that do nothing but evil could learn to do what is right.”

I took some time to pray and journal asking God what that question was about. I wanted to know what He had on His mind.

He finally let me in on His thoughts. He said, “The answer is Yes and No.”

“Yes, the blood of Jesus washes away all the sin-spots in your life. There is something far more powerful than human bloodlines and the sin-stains that come along with them. My blood washes away every sin, period. So Yes, in this sense, a leopard can change its’ spots. Yes, you who are born sinners can change and learn to do what is right.”

“The answer is also No. No, you cannot change the way I made you. I’ve designed you to reflect Me in a unique way. Like snowflakes there are no two of you alike. You can’t change that. You will only flourish when you truly live according to that original design I gave you.”

He was reminding me of His calling on my life and lighting a fire in me to do it!

This week, an unthinkable act of murder took place in Minnesota. I’m sure you know about it and have been outraged about it, rightly so.

I thought about this Jeremiah 13:23 Scripture and how it applies to what’s happened.

What happened to George Floyd is indicative of a longstanding problem in our history as a nation. It almost feels like this “leopard” can’t change its’ spots.


The problem of hatred, racism and violence is as old as humanity. Ever since the Garden, sin in human hearts has resulted in all manner of evil and injustice.

If the blood of Jesus Christ was shed for the removal of sin, is it not possible for such a long-standing and difficult problem to change?

I personally believe that this is THE ONLY WAY it will change.

I want to give an invitation to people on all sides of this conflict – can you get on your knees ask Jesus to come into your heart and wash away the sin-stains in your heart? Then can you allow Him to change your heart and transform your life to be like His?

This requires a relational connection to God at the deepest level, attachment to God as a child to his/her parents. This is where that transformation happens.

If every person individually bows in this way to the God of all creation, the future of our society can be changed.

I believe this leopard CAN change its’ spots.

With love and prayers,


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