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Life, Leadership, & Spiritual Growth Coaching

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Radius is...

  • Promoting a naturally supernatural way of life as joyful followers of Jesus.
  • Forming well rounded, well grounded, well bounded disciples of Jesus and communities of fellowship where people can grow and heal as God intends.

Radius Ministries is the Christ-centered equipping ministry of Terri and Michael Sullivant to the Body of Christ and the culture at large. We have been helping people and groups connect with the interactive presence and wisdom of God for nearly 50 years.

Radius promotes a relationally-informed and joy-filled approach to being Jesus followers. This is desperately needed in our day in which so many dehumanizing forces are at play. Radius’ ministers train people to embrace the marvelous re-humanizing ways of Christ for regular folks like us and the communities we build.

Our work includes writing books and blogs, public teaching, assisting church networks, coaching and advising, forming micro-churches, retreats and leader development.

Fully Alive Coaching is...

Partnering with you to become a confident, joyful person, to mine the treasure in your life so you can better serve your people –

To Live Life Fully Alive With Jesus at the Center
“…I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” ‭‭John‬ ‭10:10‬‬‬

Ask Yourself…

  • Do you feel your life was meant for more
  • Are you doing your best but still don’t have the abundant life you know you could have?
  • Are you motivated to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus, maturing as a disciple of Christ in character, fulfilling your calling?

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